Should i join ARMY MEDICAL CORE ??

This question has been asked so many times..People are often skepticle about whether they should be joining Army or not & more so whether joining AMC ( Army Medical Corps ) is a good decision or not..


Let me help you out..if you have visited this page then you have definitely encountered a life changing decision on your shoulders..Yes !! A life changing event..

Trust me ! Joining AMC and becoming an Army Medical Officer is a big big decision..Dont worry you are going to err on the positive side..I will discuss my page under two headings :

1. Civil Doctors who want to join

2. AFMC Graduates who are willing for commissioning

So , First the Civil Doctors..The thought of joining Army might have occurred to you for the following reasons :
a) Family Pressure of getting into a government institution
b) Media – Recent hype & craze towards Army
c) Job Security
d) Handsome Pay & Allowances
e) Not getting a favourable seat in Civil MBBS/ PG/ Superspecialisation
f) Feelings for the Nation


These are precisely the reasons why people join AMC..No one comes here for treating our already fit Faujis..Every person has some hidden incentive to join Army..Actually a person motivated enough should only join Army..A person with a weak soul cannot and will not be selected further up in Army..Either you step out or you become stronger as each day passes..

Civil doctors should join AMC because of the following reasons :


: Increasing incidences of lynching/defaming of Doctors in civil..
: Minimum legal protection for Civil doctors
: Increasing Law Enforcements regarding hospital setups
: Low Salary for High Input
: Negative perception of people regarding Marketization of hospitals
: Commission of doctors / pharma etc
: Medical proffession has now become a bussiness
: Poor attitude , compliance and behaviour of Common Man


: OFFICER status to doctors
: Highly paid officers ( even within colleuges )
: Light work environment
: Respect and salutations
: Good postings for doctors
: Foreign Visits
: High salary for low ( very low ) input work
: Awesome work environment
: Top class facilities for Patient & Paramedical  staff

This is a never ending list..the list keeps on getting better..the older you become in Army the better life quality it becomes..its like a whine that seems better as it ages..the newly commissioned officers from Civil always complain that they had never experienced such a drastic upgrade in their lives..Whether it be tasting one of the best whines in a well established bar in the Officers Mess or it be hanging out trekking at 14,000 feet , the life you enjoy here is immensely satisfying..

Dont get bogged down by what you see in the media regarding Militant activities in J&K..those are part and parcel of Army..a regular never bothers us in Army..Contrarily you become stronger,better and wiser..If you have guts and brains then Army is best suited for you..If you are adventurous and want to explore the world with a different outlook then please get up and click on the link that says-
Join Indian a life less ordinary !!

In my next section i will be addressing our AFMC graduates regarding the benefits of joining Fauj and not wasting away their much valued 27 lacs !!!



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