The Whirlwhoop Theory 

Ever imagined about our existence ?? Ever thought who controls us ?? Ever thought about the supreme power above us ??

Well yes !! Everyone thinks about it someday, sometime !! I have multiple theories regarding our existence..The most interesting of them is the Whirlwhoop Theory..

You know one thing for sure, that every object is contained within a greater object or a greater force..

Let us assume any random object..this object is further contained within a larger object that is your room..while this room has been contained to a house..a house to a city..a city to this world..and so on..

But till what containment does this cycle continue..does this never ending containment have an end ?? If Yes..then is it physically possible not to have a containment ??? What is this final containment ??

Well according to the whirlwhoop theory –

  • The largest object or force which is contained at the end is actually bound inside the smallest containment..the greatest object physically shrinks so much in mass and size so as to be contained by the smallest object..this is the only possible way a continuity can be maintained in this never ending cycle.. 

This is the reason why we have so much similarity between the supreme forces and that of the miniature molecules..The Sun ,the stars ,the revolving planets have a striking similarity to that of the small molecules and atoms..The atoms too have a central core (the power house of an atom like the sun holding the universe together) , the protons,neutrons and the revolving electrons..

We talk about big bang theory and the initiation of life..the existence of elements and molecules also come into being via this Big Bang..the atoms fuse and create huge energy on similar lines to that of the evolution of a planet Earth..

Now its time to ask some serious questions..

  • Are we looking in the wrong direction ?? We have been sending space ships to look for existence outside this universe..should we be sending small miniature microships inside atoms to look for life within ???
  • Whenever a new molecule is formed,does it mean a Big Bang has occurred ?? Does every molecule formation hint at the creation of a new life ??
  • Ever looked at an object too closely ?? Try looking at an object at a distance of the focal length of your eye lens..the vision will focus at try looking at the infinite sky..the view that you get from both these visions has again a striking similarity..
  • The time when we were experimenting with the Large Hadron Colloider ,was it a Manmade Big Bang in making ??
  • Who is this supreme force ??
  • Who controls us ??
  • Are we the supreme force or are we the weakest links ??
  • Is the existence of other life forms coz of us or are we mere pawns in a big big game ??

The Whirlwhoop theory tries to answer it all..if and only if the largest containment in our existence is actually physically bound or trapped within the smallest existing containment, then only our infinte loop of containment can continue..

Its a of life..the largest containment after reaching a certain maximal limit has to start shrinking in its mass,size and volume until the limit when it can be contained within the miniature molecules..

Guys,everything in this world is so symmetrical..well proportionate..well balanced and well shaped..Just like a in my next blog i will give out the Theory of Circles..where i will try theorizing most things in this world by the figure of Zero..

Well you can explain everything..almost everything..but still most questions about our existence looms large..let us be the first ones to decode it..hope you see one of these Theories of Existence published or brought into practicality before the next BIG BANG..!!




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